About Us

Beyond the Snacking Veil Lies a Legendary Truth!

Are you brave enough to peer behind the curtain and witness the epic saga that birthed Mythical Meats?

Fueled by a passion for jerky and a love for legendary creatures, we at Mythical Meats weren’t content with the ordinary. We embarked on a quest, channeling our creative energy to transform exotic meats into the most beloved mythical beasts! From the fearsome Dragon and Yeti to the majestic Pegasus and Mermaid, our creatures cover land, sea, and sky. Each bite of our snack sticks is a delicious adventure, bursting with flavors inspired by our favorite fantastical beings.

Our Extended Origins

The 19th Year of the Fourth Age (that’s 2019) became known by men as the Age of Uncaged Flavor (the year Mythical Meats hit the scene). The snack space, as it was once known, would never be the same.

A father and daughter came together with a vision to transform the snack stick space. They dreamt of a product that was not only higher quality than their competitors but also added an element of adventure that was not there before. Jointly with their team, they tested products, paired exotic game flavors, and built out the Mythical Meats realm of creatures. They began with the Original Variety Pack including classic favorites like the Unicorn and Dragon. Their creations quickly gained traction, and soon snack stick lovers were asking for their favorite creatures to be added to the lineup, leading to the inception of the Humanoid Variety Pack.

The Mythical Meats product line continues to cover new territory. Expanding to new themes and flavor offerings, exotic jerkies, and creature-themed sauces, the Mythical Meats army grows ever stronger.

Satiate Your Cravings

You’ve learned the backstory. Now take the leap. The flavor journey awaits.

High in Protein

Each stick contains 8 - 12g of protein, sure to fuel your many adventures.

Low in Sugar

Less than 1 gram of sugar per snack stick, this snack keeps you on track with your nutritional goals.

Made in the USA

Proudly based in the USA. You can trust that our products exceed quality standards.

Ditch the Dull - Gift Unconventionally

Looking for a gift worthy of a legend? Mythical Meats has you covered! This is a gift they’ll talk about. Watch their face light up as they embark on a delicious adventure with every bite. These aren’t your average snacks – they’re epic provisions fit for a mythical quest (or just a Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up).

Exotic Meats for Epic Wins

No messy meals, no sugar crashes – just legendary beasts to fuel your gameplay. Keeping you energized and focused throughout your entire quest (or respawn, we don’t judge).

Adventure Fuel

Take a break from the protein shakes and bars. Our exotic game snack sticks and jerky are jam-packed with flavor. They’re the ideal grab-and-go snack to fuel your next expedition. Our lineup offers a variety of over 20 unique creatures, guaranteeing an odyssey for every single taste bud.

You found a... Basilisk

Beware! Don’t look it in the eye.

You found... Bigfoot

Not so elusive when you know where to look. Want to get your hands on one?

You found the... Chupacabra

Catch it now, before it catches you!

You found a... Dragon

Iconic and epic. You’ll want to show your friends.

You found the... Kraken

Many thought the legend wasn’t true.

You found a... Mermaid

Act quickly before she swims away!

You found a... Phoenix

Risen from the ashes and fresh for the taking.

You found a... Unicorn

and it’s just as graceful as the legends said.