Humanoid Variety Pack
Humanoid Variety Pack
Humanoid Variety Pack

Humanoid Variety Pack

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Our Humanoid mythical creatures!

This exotic game snack pack includes 10 sticks:

Bigfoot (Elk Peppered and Beef)

Legend says this elusive woodland beast is known for dodging cameras and living a simple life. But this snack stick is far from simple. A perfect union of Elk Peppered and Beef is guaranteed to keep you satisfied while trekking the woods in search of Bigfoot.

Centaur (Camel and Beef Smoked)

Powerful and unstoppable, this snack stick reigns in the flawless flavors from both Camel and Smoked Beef. See if you can tame your inner beast with the Centaur.

Elf (Peppered Turkey and Beef)

Despite their angelic appearance, these elusive mythical creatures are far from friendly to humankind and happen to be incredibly skilled archers. Trust us when we say that this snack stick always hits the spot.

Gremlin (Barbecue Style Chicken and Beef)

This mischievous mythical creature may have a few tricks up its sleeve, but its flavors are far from deceptive. A classic mix of Barbecue Style Chicken and Beef makes the Gremlin an excellent choice for any meat-lover.

Leprechaun (Venison Fire and Beef)

If you're feeling fortunate, you can test your luck with this Venison Fire and Beef snack stick. Legend has it that the Leprechaun is worth its weight in gold.

Mermaid (Hawaiian Teriyaki Pork)

Stories tell a tale of a majestic snack stick that tastes so good it must be enchanted by the Sirens themselves. This Hawaiian Teriyaki Pork snack stick offers a harmonious and enchanting blend of sweet and savory.

Minotaur (Jalapeño Pork)

If you mess with this bull, expect to feel the kick from this snack stick. This infernal guardian is made of mouthwatering Jalapeño Pork and will satisfy any cravings.

Troll (Smoked Alpaca and Beef)

We're not trolling you when we say this is a flawless blend of alpaca and smoked beef. Really, it’s a small toll to pay for savory, exotic meat.

Werewolf (Venison Teriyaki and Beef)

Unleash the beast within with the unstoppable Werewolf! This exotic game snack stick features a blend of Venison Teriyaki and Beef, perfect for keeping you satisfied when you're deep in the woods.

Yeti (Smoked Andouille Yak and Beef)

Are you YETI for this flavor-packed exotic game snack stick? This meat snack is the opposite of abominable, offering delectable Andouille Yak and Beef Smoked.

Each Sampler Pack contains 10 Sticks.

*While transitioning to new packaging, there may be some crossover between the old and new, but it's what's on the inside that counts, right?