Original Variety Pack
Original Variety Pack
Original Variety Pack

Original Variety Pack

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Our Original mythical creatures!

This exotic game snack pack includes 10 sticks:

Basilisk (Alligator Mild and Beef)

It won't cause death with just one glance, but the Basilisk is so delicious you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. The Basilisk is made with a blend of mild alligator and beef, delivering scary-good flavors.

Chimera (Venison Fire and Beef)

Just like the feared Chimera, this snack stick is fiery. Containing venison and zesty jalapeño peppers, your taste buds are in for some monstrous flavor.

Chupacabra (Chorizo Flavored)

Beware—the heat of this stick is sneakier than the Chupacabra itself. Although it might not suck your blood, it'll probably take your breath away. Are you brave enough to try it?

Dragon (Alligator Cajun and Beef)

Legendary beast meets legendary flavor in this snack stick. Made with a blend of alligator, beef, and cajun spices, the Dragon's bold taste might make you breathe fire.

Griffin (Beef and Ostrich)

Be on your guard as this snack stick is so popular that you may need a real live Griffin to keep it safe. A mix of ostrich and beef, this meaty stick will power you up so you're ready to battle any bird or beast that comes your way.

Kraken (Duck Maple and Beef)

Just as the Kraken was known for its enormous presence, this snack stick is known for its enormous flavor. Featuring duck with a hint of maple, your mouth will be watering before this sweet stick is even unwrapped.

Loch Ness Monster (Beef and Buffalo Mild)

Unlike Nessie, this snack stick's flavor cannot be concealed. Containing a combination of mild buffalo and beef, your taste buds will tell stories of this stick for generations.

Pegasus (Antelope and Beef)

Let your taste buds soar by experiencing the splendor of the Pegasus snack stick. This meaty treat is a combination of antelope and beef—food fit for the gods.


Phoenix (Sweet Pepper Turkey)

Just one bite will have you feeling born again. While it won’t make you live forever, at least you’ll always remember the delicious taste of this Sweet Pepper Turkey snack stick.

Unicorn (Beef Smoked)

Much like the enchanting unicorn, this snack stick can be described as magical, gentle, and pure. Made out of 100% lean beef, its mild and smoky flavor makes it irresistible for all meat lovers.

Each Sampler Pack contains 10 Sticks.

*While transitioning to new packaging, there may be some crossover between the old and new, but it's what's on the inside that counts, right?