More than just a snack!

Bringing fantasy with flavor. Exotic game snack sticks, exotic game jerky, and hot sauces that’ll set your taste buds on fire—all inspired by the beasts of our dreams. Whether you’re gearing up to game or just need a bold pick-me-up, our epic provisions are here to fuel your adventure. Oh, and, our products make the perfect gift for meat lovers, sci-fi fanatics, people who aren’t normal, and some of the normals… So why wait?

The Firstborn. The original pack features 10 classic cryptids; like Dragon and Kraken. This is the ideal starting point for anyone who is just getting acquainted with the Mythical Meats lineup.

Everyone's got an origin story. This is ours.

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Half-beast, half-human this legendary release is a creation spawned from audience demand. Unlock the mysteries of the deep with the Mermaid and embrace the moonlight hunger of the Werewolf with the Humanoid Variety Pack.

A little less monstrous. Still just as mythical.

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Created for the risk-takers this pack puts your fate right in our hands. 10 randomly selected exotic meat snack sticks from our entire lineage.

Roll the dice and step into the unknown.

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You found a... Basilisk

Beware! Don’t look it in the eye.

You found... Bigfoot

Not so elusive when you know where to look. Want to get your hands on one?

You found the... Chupacabra

Catch it now, before it catches you!

You found a... Dragon

Iconic and epic. You’ll want to show your friends.

You found the... Kraken

Many thought the legend wasn’t true.

You found a... Mermaid

Act quickly before she swims away!

You found a... Phoenix

Risen from the ashes and fresh for the taking.

You found a... Unicorn

and it’s just as graceful as the legends said.