Snack on a Legend.

Mythical Meats exotic game snack sticks are a fun, low sugar and high protein snack reimagined as your favorite mythical creatures.

Free Mystery Meat Pack when you buy any 4 variety or value packs!

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Our Magical Meat Sticks


Amazing tasting beasts with less than 2 grams of sugar per snack stick.


Boost strength and power with the nutritional impact of protein.


Top quality exotic game meat like elk, venison, alpaca, and more.


100% made in the USA and shipped from Pennsylvania.

3 Reasons You're Going To Love Mythical Meats Snack Sticks

1 - High-Protein Snacking

Our exotic game snack sticks contain as much as 8g of protein and less than 2g of sugar to satisfy your hunger in a responsible and tasty way.

2 - Exciting Meats and Flavors

This isn't your standard beef jerky. You'll enjoy our creative flavor combinations using exotic game meats like alligator, venison, elk, duck, alpaca, camel and more!

3 - Makes a Fun Gift

What a fun surprise it is to get a snack stick pack featuring flavors like Unicorn, Bigfoot, and Mermaid! Our customers love giving our snack sticks as gifts. Guaranteed to be a hit!

Exotic game snack sticks inspired by mythical creatures.

The Original Variety Pack


Try our original flavors:

10 Original Snack Sticks

Includes favorites like Basilisk (Alligator Mild and Beef), Kraken (Duck Maple and Beef), Unicorn (Beef Smoked) and more!

30-day money back guarantee

Most Popular

The Original + Humanoid Variety Packs


Try our Original and Humanoid flavors with Free Shipping:

10 Original Snack Sticks

10 Humanoid Snack Sticks

Free Standard Shipping

30-day money back guarantee


Feed The Beast

$99 $124

The ultimate Mythical Meats value package with a Free Gift and upgraded shipping!

2X Original Snack Sticks

2X Humanoid Snack Sticks

Free Express Shipping

FREE Mystery Meat Pack

30-day money back guarantee

What's In Each Pack

Original Exotic Game Snack Sticks Pack

Basilisk (Alligator Mild and Beef) GF

Chimera (Venison Fire and Beef) GF

Chupacabra (Chorizo Flavored) GF

Dragon (Alligator Cajun and Beef) GF

Griffin (Beef and Ostrich) GF

Kraken (Duck Maple and Beef) GF

Loch Ness Monster (Beef and Buffalo Mild) GF

Pegasus (Antelope and Beef) GF

Phoenix (Sweet Pepper Turkey) GF

Unicorn (Beef Smoked) GF

Humanoid Exotic Game Snack Sticks Pack

Bigfoot (Elk Peppered and Beef) GF

Centaur (Camel and Beef Smoked) GF

Elf (Peppered Turkey and Beef) GF

Gremlin (BBQ Style Chicken and Beef) GF

Leprechaun (Venison Fire and Beef) GF

Mermaid (Hawaiian Teriyaki Pork)

Minotaur (Jalepeno Pork) GF

Troll (Smoked Alpaca and Beef) GF

Werewolf (Venison Teriyaki and Beef)

Yeti (Smoked Andouille Yak and Beef) GF

The Magic Is Real

  • "The meat sticks tasted amazing and my son told the world that he has eaten the meat of all those creatures!"

    Anne E.

  • "These are so delicious! I'm not sure what is my favorite yet. We bought the sample pack and the few we have tried have been amazing."

    Meagan R.

  • "I bought the Humanoid pack and the beasts pack for my husband. They are delicious and he loves them!"

    Holly I.

  • "Great meat sticks! My kids started playing D&D and loved these as a surprise snack. Great quality and flavor."

    John R.

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