Father's Day Fantasy Feast

For the Dad who walks his own path, who’d rather face a fire-breathing dragon than a boring old tie, Mythical Meats presents the Father’s Day Fantasy Feast! This epic gift is overflowing with 10 random selections from our legendary lineup of exotic game snack sticks.

No need to guess which mythical creature suits Dad’s taste buds best. With the Fantasy Feast, he can embark on a daring culinary adventure, encountering legendary flavors from the fearsome Yeti to the mighty Kraken.

Includes 10 Random Exotic Game Snack Sticks

This epic pack overflows with legendary beasts from our entire realm, including the Original Variety Pack, the Humanoid Variety Pack, and even our limited-edition flavors! This Father’s Day, ditch the predictable and gift Dad a taste of the extraordinary.

High in Protein

Each stick contains 8 - 12g of protein, sure to fuel your many adventures.

Low in Sugar

Less than 1 gram of sugar per snack stick, this snack keeps you on track with your nutritional goals.

Made in the USA

Proudly based in the USA. You can trust that our products exceed quality standards.

Flavor Trailblazer

For the Dad who is known among family and friends as “The Grill Master”. He loves spicy dishes, exotic ingredients, and pushing the boundaries of his palate. This pack is a flavor adventure waiting to happen.

Fantasy Fanatic

For the Dad who loves all things magical, legendary, supernatural, and otherworldly. Gift him his favorite mythical creatures – snackified. This pack is a fun and unexpected gift that allows him to tap into his adventurous side.

Adventure Seeker

For the Dad who craves exploration and loves spending time outdoors with his family. He’s always planning camping trips, hiking expeditions, or backyard games. He needs a snack that’s portable, protein-packed, and won’t leave a mess on the go.

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